Hampton Hoerter Healthcare : As Chairman of Hampton Hoerter Healthcare, Mr. Cole is one of the foremost experts in emerging markets healthcare operations advisory and management in Asia, having consulted on and improved numerous healthcare operations including specialty hospitals, senior care facilities, informatics implementation and Mother care (post-natal) clinics. His firm, based in Shanghai, is the most experienced healthcare advisor in China.

Hampton Hoerter Healthcare

Bromme H. Cole 柯 博 明

Bromme H ColeCEO 董 事 长

Over the past 5 years living in China, Bromme Hampton Cole has been alternately tagged by Asian journalists as a transformational leader, disruptive businessman and, most complimentary, a dissident entrepreneur. He outright rejects such labels and characterizations as wholly superficial understanding though they are a result of his maverick ideas and strategies which have been shaking up China’s health care industry in an alarmingly effective way. Bromme is zealously devoted to challenging the status quo, seeking overlooked opportunities in the health care value chain and implementing bold, dynamic solutions. In a recent interview, the South China Morning Post pronounced him “…one of the most important entrepreneurs in China health care today.”

Out of the boardroom, Bromme satisfies his passion for challenge and adventure with a keen enthusiasm for street-custom motorcycles. When among close friends, Bromme transposes; he is beguiling and reflective, visualizing his true role as a force multiplier within the senior healthcare industry, uncompromising in his determination to improve the quality of elderly care in an ageing world. And in quieter moments, he is a voracious reader and scribe.  His most recent publication, the emotionally charged and critically acclaimed "Enter the Ageing Dragon", was the first book to describe China’s massive demographic transition and its implications for the senior care industry.  But in the simplest terms, Bromme may well be best explained as an intrepid idealist who thrives on the “edge of a power curve.”

He has started several businesses in China, among them Care Tiger, the revolutionary mobile health care platform, his latest innovative venture. For a provocative and forward looking perspective around senior care in China, you can contact Bromme at bhc@hamptonhoerter.com.

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柯总在中国以及开拓了多个业务版块,其中护护虎™ (Care Tiger) 是一款聚焦中国养老产业的平台型移动应用。如果您期待就中国养老及大健康产业进行探讨,可以通过邮件    bhc@hamptonhoerter.com与柯博明先生联系。

enter the aging dragon